Zzzzzzzzzz! It’s official…..Save the date….WORLD SLEEP DAY 16 MARCH
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Zzzzzzzzzz! It’s official…..Save the date….WORLD SLEEP DAY 16 MARCH
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Zzzzzzzzzz! It’s official…..Save the date….WORLD SLEEP DAY 16 MARCH

How many of us actually feel as though we get enough sleep?  Do you fall asleep easily or do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night?  Sleep problems affect up to 45% of the world’s population (http://worldsleepday.org/usetoolkit/talking-points).   
Have you heard about  “World Sleep Day”?  I’m all for that!!   ‘Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life,’ raising awareness of the importance of circadian rhythms in healthy sleep.
What are Circadian rhythms?
Circadian rhythms refer to a cycle within the body. Natural factors from within the body produce rhythms, but environmental factors such as sunlight also affect them.
Preserving regular Circadian rhythms have been found to lower the risk of sleep disorders, mental health disorders and chronic health issues such as obesity and diabetes.  Sound sleep is one of the three pillars of good health along with a balanced diet and regular exercise.   People who get an entire night’s sleep without any interruptions (who are these amazing people?) experience lower rates of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other chronic illnesses.
Three elements of good quality sleep are:
  • Duration: 
The length of sleep should be sufficient for the sleeper to be rested and alert the following day.
  • Continuity: 
Sleep periods should be seamless without fragmentation.
  • Depth: 
Sleep should be deep enough to be restorative.
Research shows that we spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is a basic human need, much like eating and drinking, and is crucial to our overall health and well-being.
Effect of sleep on the skin
Just a few nights of missed sleep leads to dull skin and fine lines.  Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is known to have a significant negative impact on our health in the long and short term. Next day effects of poor quality sleep include a negative impact on our attention span, memory recall and learning. Longer term effects are being studied, but poor quality sleep or sleep deprivation has been associated with significant health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, weakened immune systems and even some cancers.
Lack of sleep is related to many psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and psychosis. 
So, what’s the message?
Quality sleep is crucial to ensure good health and quality of life.
When we sleep the brain recharges and cellular repair ramps up, and the benefits are huge!  Certain areas of your brain work their hardest during sleep, and skin is best able to repair and regenerate itself at night.
Dermalogica have been thinking a lot about sleep…. And have just launched Sound Sleep Cocoon, a transformative night gel cream, that works with your skin to deliver active ingredients that transform skin overnight by optimising night-time skin recovery and soothing motion-activated essential oils to promote restful sleep.
Sound Sleep Cocoon is a night gel-cream that harnesses the power of nature with science (you all know how I love science) to promote sound sleep and healthy, radiant skin for all skin conditions.  It hydrates, brightens and revitalises your skin while you snooze!  Transform by night, glow by day!
·         Reduces the signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality
·         Visibly increases radiance by morning
·         Softens and hydrates the skin
·         Improves and brightens skin tone
·         Promotes deep, restful sleep for healthier looking skin
Key ingredients……Now I want you to read these ingredients out loud (even saying them will relax you!)
Persian silk tree
Reduces signs of fatigue and helps to fight ~ (wait for it) Advanced Glycation End – Products (AGEs) which can contribute to wrinkles, loss of elasticity, irritation and ageing.
Fruits of Wu-Zhu-Yu
Promotes a more refined, even skin texture.  Also aids in illuminating dull skin, visibly increasing skin’s radiance by morning.
Kakadu Plum extract
A potent form for vitamin c and a powerful weapon against free radical-induced skin damage and premature ageing.
Tamarind seed extract
Reduces Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and helps protect skin’s barrier function.
Motion-Activated Essential Oils
Encapsulated Lavender, Patchouli and Sandalwood release throughout the night with movement promoting deep and restful sleep.
Why do you need this product?
At night, skin is better able to absorb active ingredients and repair damage that has occurred during the day.  Sound Sleep Cocoon boosts radiance by replenishing the hydration skin loses throughout the day and delivering active ingredients at night, when skin is at its most receptive – and encourages restful sleep with essential oils.  Seriously what is not to love about this new product! I’ve been using it for the last three nights and my skin feels and looks a lot brighter and smoother.
How to use Sound Sleep Cocoon….
Dermal layering….my phrase of 2018! Dermal layering is all about layering your skin with products that are going to protect, hydrate and illuminate (another favourite word when it comes to skin).  We all do it, starting with toner, serum, moisturiser and finishing products such as primer and then makeup.  At night, after removing makeup and double cleansing the skin, layer your skin with serum (Overnight Repair Serum, Overnight Retinol Repair or serum of choice), night time moisturiser (I use Super Rich Repair) and then dispense a small amount of Sound Sleep Cocoon into the palm and rub hands together.  Smooth over the face and neck as the last step of your night time routine.
Allow the gel-cream to melt into skin overnight.
Sound Sleep Widget….
I love a widget!  From a DIY deep sleep massage to restful sleep tips, Dermalogica’s latest widget also features a unique sound with musical overlay created specifically for Dermalogica.  This patented audio technology works with alpha and theta brainwaves to help induce a restorative sleep, thus complementing Sound Sleep Cocoon’s ability to work with your body’s active overnight repair and recovery process to transform skin!
The product will be available to purchase from 16 March (World Sleep Day!).  Pre-Order yours now!
Special offer….
Purchase Sound Sleep Cocoon and receive 20% off any day or night moisturiser and receive a complimentary Sound Sleep Cocoon Skin Solver (10 min facial).
Cost: £62 (RRP £72.50)

Offer available until the end of April 2018!

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