Clean Body, Clean Mind, Clean Skin!
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Clean Body, Clean Mind, Clean Skin!

Clean body, clean mind, clean skin!

I've been "Clean eating" on and off (mostly on) for over a year now and when I am in the "zone" I feel great!  Clean eating and exercise (motivated by my lovely friend and fitness guru Teresa Wall) has been the only way that I have managed to lose weight, tone up and keep the weight off.  Taking control of my diet and fitness has resulted in me feeling generally less stressed out and a much happier person!

Then the Summer holidays happened....and bad habits crept back in ....So, I'm back on it and this week I have started the "She Shines September Shape Up 21 Day Reset" (courtesy of Teresa Wall).  The first week is a detox so no carbs, caffeine or sugar.  Three high protein meals and two healthy snacks.  Plus daily 10 minute HIIT workouts at 6.15am!!!  I've missed my coffee but I know that in a couple of days I will feel so much better without it!!

Part of my detox involves meditation to cleanse my mind as well as my body! I do like the idea of it and I will make time to do's not the chanting type of meditation so I can probably get away with doing it without my boys thinking I've completely lost my marbles!

Whenever I have a detox week, I like to feel totally cleansed so make the time to exfoliate and moisturise from head to toe.  Drinking loads of water and my favourite "Tulsi Tea" (which is a wonder drink! helps to keep me hydrated and I can see the benefits on my skin as it looks brighter and hydrated! 

I love the feeling of clean, smooth, hydrated skin and after the summer holidays, it's good to have a good facial treatment to clear rough, congested skin!  Here are my tips of a great detox facial that you can do at home!

1)Remove all makeup (I use Dermalogica PreCleanse, which is an oily cleanser that removes makeup and dirt).

2)Double cleanse with cleanser (I use Dermalogica AgeSmart Skin Resurfacing Cleanser which contains a mild exfoliant)

3) Exfoliate the skin (I love Dermalogica AgeSmart Multivitamin Thermafoliant which is grainy but also contains lactic acid, salicylic acid and Retinol)

4) Masque....My two favourites are Dermalogica Charcoal Relief Masque which is a good old fashioned mud masque that you can feel working! I put a layer of this masque on my nose and chin area (congested areas) I also love Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery masque which is loaded with vitamins A, C and E!  I apply this on my forehead, cheeks and neck.

After removing the masques, I apply either Phyto Replenish oil and daytime moisturiser (Dynamic Skin Recovery) or Overnight Repair Serum and Super Rich Repair at night!

If you fancy giving this a go, I can send you a DIY facial sample pack! Give it a go and get the glow!

If you want to buy Tulsi tea, you can get it from Amazon! It really is delicious!!

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