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Review of Beauty Bug by Swazi Rodgers

I met Yasmin of Beauty Bug when I was pregnant with my first son and I booked a maternity package of treatments. She came to my home and brought a massage table and all the products for a wonderful afternoon of pampering. I was heavily pregnant at the time and it made all the difference to how I was feeling about being so big and not being able to see my own toes. Even now we joke with my son that she met him when he was still inside Mummy's tummy. 
In the years since I've become a regular and have had pretty much all the treatments on offer at Beauty Bug.

Fighting the signs of Ageing

One of the biggest skin concerns for my clients (and myself) is skin ageing.  Growing older is something we can't change, but we can certainly try everything we can to look younger!  There are more than 500 million ageing consumers in the world today (BCC Research: Anti-ageing products and services: The Global Market 30 April 2015), which is contributing to the rising demand for products and ingredients that help treat the many signs of skin ageing.  

We all know the signs of ageing when we stare back at our reflections in the mirror!

Keep calm and have a massage!

Welcome to the first of my monthly Beauty Blogs!  Each month I will be writing a blog about something beauty related!  If you have any suggestions for future blogs whether it be about a particular treatment, product or anything else beauty related please let me know!

Keep calm and have a massage!

The power of touch

Therapeutic massage can help to lower stress levels; stimulate lymph flow, circulation and tissue regeneration; alleviate pain and ultimately improve the condition of the skin.