Dedicated to making you look and feel fabulous! - *IonActive Power Treatment*
Dedicated to making you look and feel fabulous! - Company Message

Now available at Beauty Bug

IonActive Power Treatment facial

I am very excited to announce that Beauty Bug is now offering this amazing new treatment!

This new 45-minute IonActive Power Treatment delivers personalised, bio-charged therapy for more visible, rapid results.  It energises the skin with actives and technology to create a functional change in skin behaviour!  Addresses chronic signs of ageing, pigmentation and dryness and controls and prevents acne breakouts.

For dehydrated and dry skin - Hyaluronic Acid IonActive relieves dehydrated and / or sensitised skin

For ageing skin - Retinol 1% IonActive firms to reduce visble signs of skin ageing

For breakout prone/acneic skin - Niacinamide IonActive (this IonActive has the same concentration of Niacinamide as in prescribed topical acne medication) controls and prevents adult acne breakouts

For Hyperpigmention (dark patches) - Oligopeptide IonActive brightens hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone

Then the skin is exfoliated using microcurrent.  Microcurrent uses small electrical current which works with the IonActives to push them deeper into the skin.  I am so excited to introduce this electrical modality to Beauty Bug clients as it has so many benefits including toning the skin (non-surgical face lift), helps to push products deeper into the skin and helps to increase the level of exfoliation.

The gelloid is then removed and the skin is then toned and moisturised.
Here is what some of my clients have said about the treatment:

"Just had an amazing Dermalogica Ionactive power treatment facial with Yasmin at Beauty Bug and it was fantastic! My skin looks and feels smoother, more hydrated and looks flawless!! Love this new facial. Thank you xx

"Loved my IonActive facial with Yasmin today! Great results and so good I'm looking forward to having the same treatment on my hands next week!"